1000 Errors

1000: access_token Missing Plaid returns this error when we receive an invalid access_token. It may be improperly formatted or absent altogether. An access_token should have 160 lowercase alphanumeric charac...

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1100 Errors

1100: client_id Missing 1101: Secret Missing 1104: Unauthorized Product 1105: Bad access_token 1106: Bad public_token 1107: Missing public_token 1109: Unauthorized Product 1110: Produ...

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1200 Errors

1200: Invalid Credentials 1202: Invalid Password 1203: Invalid MFA 1204: Invalid send_method 1205: Account Locked 1206: Account Not Setup 1208: MFA Not Supported 1209: Invalid PIN 1210: Account Not Supported 12...

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1300 Errors

1300: Institution Not Available 1301: Unable to find Institution 1302: Institution Not Responding 1303: Institution Down 1307: Institution No Longer Supported 1300: Institution Not Available Plaid r...

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1500 Errors

1501: unable to find category 1507: invalid date 1501: unable to find category Plaid returns this error after receiving an invalid category ID in a request to the categories endpoint. Our categories page o...

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1600 Errors

1601: product not available 1606: account not found 1610: item not found 1601: product not available Plaid returns this error when a request was sent for a product that an institution does not yet suppo...

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1700 Errors

When a request returns a 1700, 1701, or 1702 error, it is likely that the financial institution returned a corrupted response that Plaid is unable to process. These errors can be ephemeral and may be resolved b...

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2000 Errors

2001: non-depository account ID specified 2002: unable to generate bank account token 2001: non-depository account ID specified Plaid returns this error when a non-depository account type was selected. T...

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