ITEM_LOGIN_REQUIRED Plaid returns this error when an item has gone into an inaccessible state. This may occur when MFA information has changed by the user or the institution, when a user’s credentials have c...

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INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR Plaid returns this error when the response returned by the financial institution is corrupted or otherwise unable to be processed. These errors can be ephemeral and may be resolved by a...

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INVALID_API_KEYS Plaid returns this error when the client_id or secret sent in your request is invalid or non-existent, or if one belongs to a different account. To resolve, ensure you’re sending the keys av...

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MISSING_FIELDS Plaid returns this error when a required field was missing from your request. These fields differ depending on the request being submitted—our documentation shows which need to be sent for eac...

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ITEM_CREATE_LIMIT Plaid returns this error when you hit the rate limit for creating items. The exact rate limits are dynamic, but they generally span 60 seconds and allow at least 30 item create requests in ...

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1000 Errors

1000: access_token Missing Plaid returns this error when we receive an invalid access_token. It may be improperly formatted or absent altogether. An access_token should have 160 lowercase alphanumeric charac...

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1100 Errors

1100: client_id Missing 1101: Secret Missing 1104: Unauthorized Product 1105: Bad access_token 1106: Bad public_token 1107: Missing public_token 1109: Unauthorized Product 1110: Produ...

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1200 Errors

1200: Invalid Credentials 1202: Invalid Password 1203: Invalid MFA 1204: Invalid send_method 1205: Account Locked 1206: Account Not Setup 1208: MFA Not Supported 1209: Invalid PIN ...

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1300 Errors

1300: Institution Not Available 1301: Unable to find Institution 1302: Institution Not Responding 1303: Institution Down 1307: Institution No Longer Supported 1300: Institution Not Available Plaid r...

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1500 Errors

1501: unable to find category 1507: invalid date 1501: unable to find category Plaid returns this error after receiving an invalid category ID in a request to the categories endpoint. Our categories page o...

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