Pending transaction overview

Current API Transactions should be marked "pending": true when they have been labeled as such by the institution. Transactions should be marked "pending": false when they have settled and posted. When a p...

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Initial and Historical pull timing

Current API An initial pull occurs when an item first accesses the Transactions product. By default, Plaid pulls the item's last 30 days of transactions. On average, this takes between 30 seconds to two minu...

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Negative transaction amount

Current API A transaction with a negative amount represents money flowing into the account, such as a direct deposit. A transaction with a positive amount represents money flowing out of the account, such as a...

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Mapping transactions to an account

Current API A request to Plaid’s Transactions product will return a transactions object: Request curl -X POST \ -H 'content-type: application/json' \ -d '{ "clien...

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Transaction dates

Current API Each transaction has a date property, whose value is derived from information provided by the financial institution. The date is in ISO 8601 format, YYYY-MM-DD, and it does not contain timezone inf...

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Transaction availability by institution

Data availability varies by institution. See below for estimated availability for the following institutions: Financial Institution Credit Depository Ally N/A 24 months American Express 24 months N/A B...

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Retrieving transaction data

Current API The Transactions product returns transactions associated with an item. To obtain transaction information, query the /transactions/get endpoint. When new transactions are available for an item, P...

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Transaction availability by account type

Current API Plaid returns transactions for credit and depository type accounts. While transaction information is not available for other account types—such as loan, mortgage, brokerage, and other—their balance...

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Transaction currencies

Plaid returns currency values in the currency used by the financial institution for that account. For example, a Canadian institution may return currency values in CAD; a BitCoin account may return currency val...

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Transactions returned per request

Current API The number of retrievable transactions is limited by the amount of transaction data available from an institution. Within a given request, however, there is no limit to the number of transactions t...

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