Plaid fires the INITIAL_UPDATE webhook when an item’s initial transaction pull has finished. The initial transaction pull occurs when first creating an item for Transactions—that is, an for whom Link's product ...

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Plaid fires the HISTORICAL_UPDATE webhook when the historical transaction pull for an item is finished: { "webhook_type": "TRANSACTIONS", "webhook_code": "HISTORICAL_UPDATE", "item_id": "wz666MBjYWTp2PDzz...

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Plaid fires the DEFAULT_UPDATE webhook when Plaid fetches new pending or posted transactions for an item. Plaid routinely checks for transaction updates, but a DEFAULT_UPDATE will only be fired when new transa...

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Plaid sends a WEBHOOK_UPDATE_ACKNOWLEDGED webhook when you successfully update an item’s webhook: curl -X POST \ -H 'content-type: application/json' \ -d '{ "...

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Plaid sends a TRANSACTIONS_REMOVED webhook when pending or posted transactions have been removed from our system. Pending transactions can be removed for two reasons: 1) They were matched to a posted transacti...

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How to add or update webhooks for existing items

To add or update a webhook for a pre-existing item, submit a POST request to /item/webhook/update with the new or updated webhook: curl -X POST \ -H 'content-type...

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Testing webhooks

Current API Webhook behavior in Plaid’s Sandbox and Development environments will mimic behavior in Plaid’s production environment. That is, creating an item in either environment will trigger INITIAL_UPDATE...

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Webhook overview

Current API Webhooks enable you to set up integrations that subscribe to certain events from Plaid. When one of those events is triggered—such as the completion of a historical transaction pull—Plaid should se...

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Code 0 - Initial Transaction Pull Webhook

Plaid fires the Code 0 - Initial Transaction Pull webhook when the initial transaction pull has completed. The code 0 webhook is fired when adding a Connect user with the login_only option set to true (note tha...

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Code 1 - Historical Transaction Webhook

Plaid fires a Code 1 webhook when the historical transaction pull for an access_token is finished: { "message": "Historical transaction pull finished", "access_token": "xxxxx", "total_transactions": 123, "...

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