Link overview

Current API Plaid Link is a drop-in module that enables you to create items, which may be used to access Plaid’s products: Auth for ACH payment, Transactions for transaction data, Identity for identity inform...

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public_token overview

Current API A public_token is created once a user has successfully onboarded. The public_token: Is safe to expose in an app or browser Expires within a half hour of its generation Corresponds to the...

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Implementing Plaid Link on mobile

Current API Link iOS is a native SDK for iOS 8+. Link also works today in WebViews for both iOS and Android.

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Link customization

Current API Customize Plaid Link via the Dashboard! You can change its copy, receive information about user behavior, and change its colors to reflect your app's branding. Get started today! Legacy API Curre...

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Link best practices

This article provides answers to common questions for developers who are setting up integrations with Plaid Link, a drop-in module that provides a simple and secure UI for creating items via the Plaid API. If ...

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Link design update FAQs (May 2017)

Ahead of the Link updates we’re releasing on May 23, please see FAQs below for some additional detail and answers to common questions. Q: When are the Link updates scheduled to go live? The Link updates...

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Upgrading to the latest version of Link

As we continue to build security enhancements and new features for Link, we’ll no longer be able to support older Link integrations. Older versions of Link will be fully deprecated on September 30, 2017. Q....

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Prevent Link from being blocked on mobile browsers

On modern mobile browsers, Link opens in a new tab to guarantee a consistent and better user experience optimized for every mobile device and browser. Some mobile browsers, however, block popups by default, dis...

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