access_token and item FAQ

Current API How to track users across items Do items or access tokens expire? How do I delete an item? What are the differences among a public_token, access_token, and an item? How are tokens formatted? ...

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Rate Limits

Current API See the RATE_LIMITED_EXCEEDED errors section of our API documentation. Legacy API Plaid rate limits most API endpoints to prevent malicious or inadvertent request patterns from affecting overal...

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Product FAQs

What Are Plaid's products? How many banks does Plaid support? What type of information does Plaid provide via Transactions? How often do you pull transaction data? How much does Plaid cost? Can I test Plai...

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Institution coverage

Current API Plaid supports more than 9,000 institutions through a variety of integrations and data feeds. The /institutions/get endpoint returns the full list of supported institutions. To search for a speci...

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Institution Exceptions

While the vast majority of accounts are supported across institutions, there are a few rare exceptions. Some of these exceptions can be found below. Institution Type Notes American Express amex Account M...

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Product overviews

Current API Auth Transactions Identity Income Balance Auth Auth authenticates bank accounts for use in a variety of payment contexts. The product retrieves the account and routing information associa...

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login_only overview

Current API Plaid’s current API handles all login flows automatically. Legacy API The "login_only" option should be included when adding Connect users to onboard them as quickly as possible. This ensures use...

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Account_id Overview

Every Plaid API request returns an accounts key with information about the account(s) affiliated with a user’s credentials: { "accounts": [{ "account_id": "vzeNDwK7KQIm4yEog683uElbp9GRLEFXGK98D", "b...

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Request ID Overview

Every Plaid API response includes a request ID as the ‘X-Request-Id’ header. The request ID is included regardless of whether or not the API request succeeded or failed. Here is an example of the response heade...

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Institution-wide issues

Current API Please follow these steps if you are observing ten or more failed requests—such as erroneous Invalid Credentials errors or continually rejected MFA submissions—over a 24-hour period for a given ins...

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