Sandbox Limitations

Current API

See the Sandbox documentation for information about Plaid’s current Sandbox environment, which does not have the following limitations.

Legacy API

Requests using Plaid’s Sandbox credentials mimic responses to requests using live credentials in most ways, but some responses cannot be reproduced.

1104: unauthorized product

The Sandbox client credentials, test_id and test_secret, can be used to make requests for any Plaid product. But if you make a request with your own client credentials—which can be found in your Dashboard—for a product you do not have access to, you will receive error code 1104: unauthorized product.

1112: addition limit exceeded

There is no limit to the number of requests you may make using Sandbox credentials, but you may only generate up to 100 live access_tokens in tartan.

1115: product already enabled

You may upgrade a Sandbox access_token, such as test_wells, to a given product more than once. The second time a live access_token is upgraded to a product it was added or upgraded to, however, error code 1115: product already enabled error will be returned.

1213: invalid PATCH username

If you send a PATCH request for a live access_token with a username different from the username originally used to generate the access_token, you will receive error code 1213: invalid PATCH

Code 4 webhook

You may update a live access_token’s webhook by issuing a PATCH request without user credentials, as here:

curl -X PATCH \
  -d client_id={CLIENT_ID} \
  -d secret={SECRET} \
  -d access_token={ACCESS_TOKEN} \
  -d options='{"webhook":""}'
A successful response should return a Code 4 webhook. Using Sandbox credentials, however, you will receive error code 1109: unauthorized product.

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